Why is this the best SMS solution?

CreateText.ie is the perfect SMS solution! It’s quick, it’s easy and you can send messages from both your mobile phone and your PC to any mobile number in the world. Sounds like the best SMS solution? Not only that, but you can receive replies. Whether you’re sending messages about sports fixtures, looking for volunteers for a school event, or taking a poll on customer preferences, CreateText.ie does it for you, seamlessly. Stay in touch with your customers, your club, your associates, your school community, and they’ll stay closer to you. CreateText.ie is an Irish service with global coverage so whether you’re working at your desk or out and about, CreateText.ie is at your fingertips. The perfect SMS solution for all SMS marketing needs.

Bulk SMS - CreateText free trial
  • Free Trial

    We give you 100 free credits. Simply fill in your account details, tell us how you intend to use the service, and submit your request. We will reply within 24 hours with the information you need to login and send texts. So get typing!
  • What our Customers Say!

    We send texts to lots of groups within the service. Each group has different activities and needs, from organising gigs to publicising meetings and events. We can manage our contacts very easily and all our staff members are comfortable with it and use it regularly. I don’t know how we managed without it!

    Clare Thynne
    Clare Youth Service