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Republic of Ireland prices are shown below. For information on SMS message charges to other countries, please contact us directly at

Cost of Sending SMS messages to Irish Mobile Numbers
It costs 1.6 credits from your CreateText account to send one SMS (Text Message up to 160 characters) to any Irish network.

Credit Bundle Costs

Credits Per Credit Cost Cost including VAT
500 €0.033 €16.50 €20.30
1,000 €0.0325 €32.50 €39.98
2,500 €0.032 €80.00 €98.40
5,000 €0.0315 €157.50 €193.72
10,000 €0.030 €300.00 €369.00

(Cost excludes flat rate transaction fee of €2.50 + 23% vat)

Remember – Top up your credits anytime when you are logged into your account! is the low cost SMS service in Ireland.

Bulk SMS - CreateText free trial
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    We give you 100 free credits. Simply fill in your account details, tell us how you intend to use the service, and submit your request. We will reply within 24 hours with the information you need to login and send texts. So get typing!
  • What our Customers Say!

    We use in McDonald’s to keep in touch with our customers. We tell those who have opted in, about competition results, special offers and voucher information. Customers love it. It’s fast and it’s reliable – no delays and you know the message has been delivered.

    Kieran McDermott
    McDonald's Clare